Friday, August 08, 2014

4 year old big girl

So the little baby refuses to be called a baby anymore
She throws a fit everytime I do so.
She is 4 now, now way a baby..Huff!
She tells me a million reasons, she isn't a baby!
'I have no diapers, I eat my own food ( Not!)'
'I sleep on my own, I don't cry at all (Really!)'
And the monologue continues till I give in and say
'You are a big girl' (Not!)
I dont have any reasons to give but you will always be
my little baby.
I will embarrass you constantly in front of your friends
I will fuss over you constantly
I will do everything my mum did that infuriated me to wits end
I will because I cant help being a mother!
Afterall , whats a mother who isnt hovering all over you! :D

Happy Birthday baby! And heres to many many more years of Birthdays and still you will be always my baby!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


So while travelling to work today, this song randomly played from my playlist

So if you have ever lived away from your home country and can understand the language in which the
song is sung, you know that the song hits you where it hurts the most, without fail! Each time, Every effing time..

Its easy to get lost in the fast paced lanes of work and life. It is easy to get used to the materialistic comforts. Its easy to get used to all things we don't have or we longed for or cribbed for back home. Its really easy to get spoiled by such comforts. But there is a but.

I can say this with 99% confidence that we never feel complete. I , for sure, have left a part of me back home. I cant replace that very little part of me with anything. The people I love, I meet online or they come to meet me often. I Skype my parents daily. I don't miss them emotionally.

I miss my country. I am not being patriotic. Its just what I am. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I loved to crib/complain about the noise,pollution, population,etc; I miss that! I have nothing to complain or crib about here. I feel I don't have any rights to complain. You can only criticize what it is your own. I miss owning my country.

My homepage is still stuck on '' and my news is nothing related to me anymore. The weather shows heat while I sit in sweaters shivering. Modi does something , but it doesn't really impact me. The inflation doesn't change my next onion buy. ( They are anyways really costly here!)

The song ends and the feeling is pushed back,just next to that empty space. No point thinking about it when I know, I like that hero, will not return. Maybe,someday. But for today, I ignore the feeling , numb myself and gush about how the traffic moves so smoothly and the pancake tastes so yummy!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Thief of my heart - 55 word post

Thief of my heart

It just took some words he typed
Words strung wittily in a social site
Words so sudden out of the blue
I didn't need a face or name to know
I didn't really want to know more
I had a lifetime ahead
Or maybe more
To get to know and discover 
This thief of my heart

#MB2014 and #MBdrabbleweek